Food Waste Bags, Liners and Sacks

BioBag offers easy and hygienic solutions for households and commercial kitchens, through our breathable bags, liners and sacks in a wide variety of types and sizes. BioBag offers both customized bags, liners and sacks and below you see our stock article assortment, available in bulk packaging. All our bags, liners and sacks are breathable and can be composted together with food waste.

  • High quality compost is achieved through proper pre-sorting of food waste
  • Due to the moisture evaporation, the waste dries out and reduces unpleasant odours
  • BioBags have a very high penetration barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores and mould
  • BioBags also ensures better hygienic conditions for waste collectors and composting facilities
  • BioBag is fully compostable and certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.

*BioBags in combination with MaxAir ventilated caddies, are the world’s leading system for pre-sorting of food waste.

BioBag Compostable Liners

BioBag’s compostable food waste liners are intended for better hygiene and reduce the need of cleaning the containers to a minimum.

A liner is only supposed to cover the container, not to carry any weight. For that purpose you will need a compostable Food Waste Sack (see below).

  • Kindly see our assortment of BioBag liners and sacks for containers in sizes ranging from 35 to 350 litres below.
  • BioBag sacks biodegrade fast and effectively in composting conditions (approx. 10 – 45 days) leaving no detrimental substances in the compost.
  • Sacks that can be lifted/carried are also available and can be used in the 40- and 60-litre containers as shown in the picture.
  • The liners and sacks are certified according to the European EU Standard EN13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.


By using BioBag’s compostable sacks in waste containers, you ensure better hygiene and reduce the need of cleaning the containers to a minimum. BioBag’s compostable sacks have the strength to be lifted/carried. If you only need to cover your container for better hygiene you can use BioBags Food Waste Liners.

Food Waste Bins and Containers

BioBag offers different types of Food Waste bins/containers for different purposes and use. Kindly see our assortment below.

Ventilated Food Waste caddy for households – MaxAir

  • BioBag Ventilated caddy MaxAir is specially developed by BioBag for households. The food waste caddy is ventilated on all sides, with a grid in the bottom to ensure extra ventilation as well as ventilation trough all four sides, and the lid.
  • Our compostable food waste bags; 8 Litre are well suited for this caddy

35 Litre Food Waste Container for the professional kitchen

  • Rounded 35 Litre food waste container, popular system for restaurants/caterers for collecting food waste
  • Height-adjustable chassis on rubber wheels in stainless steel
  • The container has good size – width 420mm and depth 395mm
  • Our BioBag 35 Litre Super line “Special” (article 187583) with star bottom is made to fit this round container