The WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) measures the transmission of water vapour through a material. WVTR is measured in grams/m² during 24 hours (according to the standard ASTM – E398).

Using a bag with a high WVTR rate gives an important weight reduction of organic food waste due to the loss of water vapour. This reduces the growth of mould and fungus which also reduces unpleasant smell dramatically. It is important that a bag with a high WVTR is used in a ventilated caddy to achieve the best possible reduction of moisture.

According to the ASTM standard, a material is measured in 30 microns. A BioBag in this thickness has a value of up to 1200 gr/m²/24h. A thinner BioBag gives an even higher WVTR value. A traditional plastic (PELD) bag made in 30 microns has a value of only 20 gr/m²/24h.

Benefits of moisture reduction:

  • Gives a higher comfort in hygiene products
  • Reduces mould, fungus and smell in food waste
  • Reduces the weight of food waste which gives reduced handling cost