You can download our sales sheets here in English, and with our contact info at the bottom. Kindly do not print the sales sheets yourselves as we want to make sure that our sales material has the correct colour presentation and paper quality in accordance with our profile. So if you need sales sheets for meeting, tenders, quotes, exhibitions and other purposes, please order from us, so that you have “in stock” when you need it.

You can also have your own address and contact info on the sales sheets, please e-mail the info to and how many copies you would like of each sales sheet. All sales material can be ordered by sending an e-mail to

All sales material is free of charge for you in english. We can also make sales material in your own language. If you so desire, then kindly translate the text yourselves or have it translated. Send the translated text to us, and we will do the rest and have it printed.

We hope and believe that the new sales material will contribute to increased activity in the market and make us appear more professional.


Sales sheets