Directives on social business practise regarding the compliance with social standards for BioBag International AS


Each individual’s human rights and dignity must be respected and protected. Humane living conditions must be provided for every person, This Social code of conduct (SCoC) has been formulated in the protection of every individual’s human rights and liberty.

In this SCoC BioBag International AS defines and stipulates requirements which have to be implemented by all partners and suppliers. It constitutes the foundation of any co-operation.

  1. Voluntary Employment
    Voluntariness of employment must be guaranteed. Forced labour, hard labour, slave labour, penal servitude or bondage (serfdom) is forbidden. Any illegal for of employment is prohibited. The identity of each person is to be maintained- i.e. employees cannot be forced to hand over their documents of identity to the employer.
  2. Child labour
    Child labour does not take place and is prohibited. By definition, a child is any person younger than 15 years of age (or 14, insofar by the conventions of ILO, International Labour Organisation, allow it). If regional regulations provide for higher age limits they have to be abided by. Every child is to be protected for exploitation and work which may expose it to danger; this also extend to activity which may hinder a child’s natural physical, spiritual, moral and social development.
  3. Discrimination
    Discrimination of any kind is prohibited. Equality and equal opportunities are to be guaranteed for all employees irrespective of race, skin colour, sex, creed, political view, nationality, social background, culture or any other distinctions.
  4. Working Conditions
    Working conditions must be humane. The aim is the payment of wages which cover the cost of living, insofar as the legal minimum wages are too low to achieve this. Reductions in wages as a disciplinary measure, is not permitted. The regular maximum working time per week is 48 hours. Any additional hours must be paid as overtime on the basis of the applicable regulations and/ or the applicable industry practices in the region, whichever is the higher. On a regular basis, the weekly working time, including overtime, must not exceed 60 hours. Employees are entitled to at least one day off per week. Physical ill-treatment or treat of the same, degrading and unfair punishment, corporal punishment, sexual or any other form of harassment and intimidation by the employer is strictly forbidden.
  5. Safety & health
    A safe and hygienic working environment has to be ensured in accordance with the provided protective measures. Any housing supplied by the employer has to provide for humane living conditions. At a minimum, it has to meet current legal safety standards.
  6. Freedom to organize and meet together
    The lawful right of the employees to fund organizations of their choice, to become members of these organizations and carry out collective bargain must not be restricted in any manner.

Violations of this Social Code of Conduct (SCoC) coming to the attention of BioBag International AS may lead to the termination of business relations.