Biobag dog compostable wastebags (Art.No. 186005)

EUR 130.00 /carton incl. freight

A enviromental-friendly alternative to standard plastic-bags, for a responsible dog owner.

Certified according to the European standard EN 13432.

Contains 50 blocks of 50 bags each. In total 2500 bags.

Size: 200 x 320 mm


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Biodegradable and compostable are terms used when describing organic materials breaking down in a specific environment. Both terms are often used when describing environmentally friendly products. The term biodegradable is very often misused in marketing and advertising of products and materials that are not actually environmentally friendly. This is why BioBag more often uses the term compostable when describing our products. All of BioBag’s products are third-party certified compostable.

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Weight8.2 kg


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