BioAgri Compostable Mulch Film for Summer Crops 1000 mm 185000

EUR 373.00 /roll incl. freight

Biodegradable Mulch Film suitable for the summer crops:

Protection time against weeds 2-4 months

Typical crops any vegetables like:

Thickness: 15 µm
Width: 1000 mm
Length: 2000 m / roll

SKU: 185000.


BioAgri Biodegradable Mulch Film – Ideal for high value crops

BioAgri is a contribution to a better environment. BioAgri biodegradable mulch film makes the daily work for farmers easier, thanks to its biodegradability in soil. At the end of a crop cycle, BioAgri film residues can simply be ploughed into the soil. There will be nothing left, no accumulation of plastic in the fields.

Protection estimation against weeds 2-4 months

Thickness: 15 µm
Width: 1000 mm
Length: 2000 m / roll

Contribution to a better environment. BioAgri compostable mulch film is made of Mater-Bi, a bioplastic raw material created by combining starch with compostable and biodegradable polymer. BioAgri is certified as biodegradable in soil. The proven biodegradability in soil allows the use of BioAgri mulch film to be a genuine contribution to a better environment.

About BioAgri Mulch Film
BioAgri mulch films compared to traditional plastic:
• Biodegradable in soil
• Breaks down to water, carbondioxide and humus/biomass
• No microplastic left in the field
• Customized life span, tailored for different crops
• No plastic removal or collection necessary
• No disposal costs of plastic
• No residues like traditional plastic in the field
• No microplastics
• An efficient alternative, in both agronomic and environmental terms to traditional plastic film
• Faster access to the field
• No plastic collection needed
• Film can be processed (ploughed) to field
• Saves time and therefore costs required to remove and dispose of traditional plastic film
• Offers a family of grades fit for purpose with different protection time
• Fit for organic farming – check with your local controller/auditor

Advantages for Farmers
• Increase soil temperature
• Speed up the germination and cultivation cycles
• Long-term nutritious soil
• Cost and labour efficient
• Eliminate or reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides
• Reduce water consumption
• Keep fertilizers and nutrients closer to the plant
• Prevent fruits & vegetables from direct contact with the soil
• No accumulation of plastic in the field
• GMO Free
• Good LCA values
• Soil certified TÛV Austria

The laying of the film can be performed with the same equipment used for traditional plastic mulching films, being careful to reduce the tension of the roll during operation.
• Faster access to field after harvest
• No pollution caused by PE plastic in our environment

BioAgri options
We can tailor BioAgri to your specific needs:
• Microperforated with needle holes
• Planting holes to fi t the crop

Certified Compostable according to the European Standard EN 13432, EN17033 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.


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