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BioBag Sustainable Carrier Bags 20 L

BioBag Sustainable Carrier Bag 30 L

BioBag 8 Litres

Bag Clam™ – The Universal bag holder

The universal bag holder – Bag Clam™ is a new and innovative addition to the BioBag product line. Suitable for all kinds of bags.

BioBag Toilet Bags

BioBags are compostable and biodegradable and are delivered together with the toilet. The bag covers the entire seat making it very hygienic and user friendly. The BioBags are also very solid which makes the use of the BioToi safe and hygienic. BioBags disintegrates quickly when composted in floating sewage. With heat treatment at 140 degrees  Continue Reading »

BioBag Toilet

The BioBag Portable Toilet kit is a system especially developed to meet the strict requirements of the military forces. The product is also very suitable for aid organisations and private use i.e. for camping, boating and other outdoor activities.

Compostable Dog Waste Bags

MaxAir Ventilated Caddy – Retail

Produce bags

Dispenser for 
Dog Waste Bags