BioBag Ireland UK is the first retail range of compostable bags to be certified for use in Irish food waste (brown) bins. Certification is awarded by Cré IRELAND which operates the only Irish scheme providing third party, independent assessment of compostable products in Ireland.

Only products like BioBag which have been assessed and certified by the scheme will be entitled to display the Irish ‘Cré Tick’ symbol.

The scheme is great news for Irish consumers. It offers confidence that a product is accepted in domestic, food waste bins for processing locally in Ireland. This will increase public awareness and acceptance, leading to increased use of food bins and composting.

BioBag bags are certified already by every major international body including OK Compost and EN13432. Adding a recognisably Irish certification to BioBag means that Irish consumers, waste collectors and composting facilities are assured that BioBag products are trustworthy, designed for Irish conditions and pose no risk of plastic contamination.

Choosing BioBag will now provide assurance over inferior bags and generic ranges often misleadingly labelled as ‘biodegradable’, ‘oxo-degradable’ and ‘recyclable’.

Consumers already recognise that BioBag products offer superior strength and functionality over inferior food waste bags. Achieving Cré certification further confirms our ‘green’ credentials and offers unique assurance to BioBag’s Irish customers.

Read more about Cré certification here